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How To Custom Silicone Hoses From SUNRISE?


Flow Chart of Custom Silicone Hoses: 

     Custom Silicone Hoses

Follow below guide for more details.

1. Customer provides specification of the hose to be customized.
    a. For simple silicone coupler, we accept description of specification.
        For example: 45 degree silicone hose, ID 60mm, leg length 6.0”,
                           4ply reinforcement,5.0mm wall thickness, black color.
    b. For a simple part, we can accept sketch or 2D drawing.
    c. For a complex part, we need 3D drawing in format .igs and .stp.
    d. We can print your logo onto each hose if private labeling is requested
        We accept logo drawing in format .pdf, .jpg, etc.
        We also can print part number onto silicone hose if necessary.

       Custom Silicone Hoses Custom Silicone Hoses

    e. SUNRISE also can duplicate hose from customer’s prototype.
        The prototype could be a handmade sample or a used hose.
         Below are photos of customers’ handmade prototype, just for your reference.

         Silicone Hose Prototype Silicone Hose Prototype

    f. Hose color
        Customer needs to provide pantone color code or color sample if custom color is requested.
        SUNRISE provides regular hose colors for your choice. Please see below table.

         Custom Silicone Hoses

2. Quotation
    a. We can work out exact costs for you base on your drawing.
    b. We can work out rough costs base on photos of the hose.
        Inner diameter and hose centerline length is required.
        For example, follow below red lines to measure centerline length.

            Custom Silicone Hoses

3. Lead time
     a. It will take 2~3 weeks for us to fabricate tooling.
     b. It will take 2~5 weeks for us to produce hoses.
         The production lead time depends on order quantity.
     c. It will take 7 days or less on delivery.

4. Payment Terms
    a. For small order, the payment term is 100% T/T when order confirmed.
    b. For big order, the payment term is 50% T/T when order confirmed and the balance    at shipment.
    c. We can accept payment via Paypal or wire transfer.
        We prefer to accept payment via Paypal if amount less than USD1000 if possible.

5. Sample verification (FAI)
    SUNRISE will send first piece to customer for tests if necessary.
    SUNRISE will re-submit FAI samples if customer find something needs to be improved.

6. Mass Production
    We will start mass production when you approved the first piece sample.
    We can ship out partial hoses for your use in a hurry if you need hoses urgently.

7. Delivery
    a. The parcel will be ship via Fedex when ship to USA, Canada and most European countries (Iceland excluded).
        The parcel will be ship via DHL when ship to Iceland.
    b. For big cargo, it can be ship via ocean.
    c. If customer wants, customer can ask their forwarder come to pick up the parcel and freight collect.

Please let us know if you need to custom special silicone hoses. SUNRISE not only can produce common polyester reinforced silicone hose, also can build silicone hose from
    - Nomex / Aramid Reinforced
    - Fiberglass Reinforced
    - Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) Lined for contact with oil, fuel or chemicals
    - Fluororubber VITON (FKM) Lined for contact with oil, fuel or chemicals
    - Wire Reinforced
    - Fire Retardant Silicone
    - Food Grade Silicone
Contact us right now to custom silicone hoses! You will get the high quality silicone hoses as you expect.


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