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Custom Braid Silicone Tubing

2018-10-01 16:45:24

Welcome to customize braid silicone tubing! Sunrise offers braid silicone tubing with polyester reinforcement or aramid reinforcement. Multilayer braiding is also acceptable.

The polyester braid silicone tubing is an open mesh polyester braiding incorporating with the walls of silicone tubing. That enables silicone tubing to handle increased pressure applications. The tubing also allows excellent bend radii and permits installation in restricted spaces with impeding flow. The braid tubing is a platinum cured product and contains no sulphur or other acid producing chemicals.

Braid Silicone Tubing

Typically, the silicone tubing braid with polyester can withstand high pressure, such as size 1/2" braid tubing can resist 1.6MPa bursting pressure. If you need higher bursting pressure, reinforcement will be aramid. The aramid braid silicone tubing can resist much higher pressure than polyester reinforced hose. The aramid braid silicone tubings meet the requirements of ISO2398 Type 1 and Type 2 specification, and meet the requirements of DIN 20018 specification.

Contact us now to custom braid silicone tubing! Tell us what you need!


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